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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Briefing on Colombia

2023-10-11 18:00

Mr. President,

I would like to welcome Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva of Colombia to the meeting today. I thank Special Representative Carlos Ruiz Massieu and Chairman of the PBC Ambassador Hrvoje Ćurić Hrvatinić for their briefings. I listened attentively also to the statement by the civil society representative.

China commends the Colombian Government led by President Gustavo Petro for fully implementing the Final Peace Agreement and actively advancing the vision of “Total Peace”. China looks forward to and supports efforts by parties in Colombia to consolidate and build on the gratifying advances already achieved, move resolutely toward the goal of realizing total, lasting, and sustainable peace, and work hard to usher in another dynamic, fruitful new era.

Mr. President,

Colombia's peace process has highlighted the potential of sustainable development in promoting lasting peace. China commends the Colombian Government for integrating nation building with implementation of the Final Peace Agreement and for continuously increasing input in areas such as rural reform, land distribution, substitution of illicit crops, and reintegration of ex-combatants, with a view to resolving the root causes of conflicts and realizing lasting peace and security of the country. China hopes to see and supports continued assistance and support by the UN country team, PBC, among others, and international and regional partners to this end.

Colombia's peace process sets an example of resolving disputes and conflicts through dialogue and negotiation. China welcomes the continued implementation of the ceasefire agreement between the Colombian Government and the ELN, and the advancement of peace talks, and hopes the two sides can achieve further positive results at the fifth round of peace talks to be held in Mexico in November. The Colombian Government and the EMC have announced suspension of hostilities and confrontation, and will start formally ceasefire and peace talks. China looks forward to an early agreement on ceasefire arrangement between the two sides.

Colombia's peace process has underscored the need of increasing people's confidence through security governance. As highlighted by the Secretary-General’s report, strengthening state presence across the country and protecting vulnerable groups have great significance to the implementation of the peace agreement and to the advancement of dialogue and negotiation with the armed groups. China supports the Colombian Government in continuing to increase the deployment of security forces in former conflict areas where effective control is lacking, and in strengthening protection of ex-combatants, women, children, and ethnic minorities. China hopes the local elections in October will be held smoothly and safely.

Mr. President,

This month, the Security Council will make a decision on the mandate renewal of UNVMC. We appreciate the important contribution made by UNVMC under the leadership of SRSG Massieu towards supporting the implementation of the Final Peace Agreement and helping the Colombian Government to advance the vision of total peace. We hope that the UNVMC will coordinate closely with the Colombian Government and participate in the monitoring and verification of ceasefire in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2694. We also support the Security Council in positively considering the expansion of UNVMC’s mandate when conditions are in place.

Along with the international community, China stands ready to continue our support for the Colombian-led and -owned peace process, and help the Colombian people achieve greater gains towards the goal of total peace, stability, and development.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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