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Statement by Ambassador Liu Jieyi,Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations at the General Debate of the High Level Segment of ECOSOC

2014-07-08 05:03


                                                                                (Photo by Niu Xiaolei/Xinhua News Agency)

Mr. President,

Fellow delegates,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to take part in today's meeting. This is the first high-level segment session of ECOSOC since its reform and the first session of the HLPF for sustainable development within the framework of ECOSOC. Member states are gathered here to discuss the implementation of the MDGs and sustainable development, and share their views on the post-2015 development agenda. This is of great significance for international development cooperation.

The international community is facing numerous major tasks of expediting the realization of the MDGs, implementing the outcome of Rio+20, formulating the SDGs and designating the post-2015 development agenda. To fulfill these tasks requires both unremitting efforts by member states and international solidarity and cooperation. In this connection, I'd like to make the following observations:

First, poverty eradication must continue to be the core of our efforts and inclusive development must be our goal. Poverty is the main factor that impedes the development of countries and causes conflicts and crises. The international community should continue where the MDGs have left off, set the total eradication of poverty as the core task of the post-2015 development agenda, encourage countries to strive for inclusive development, eliminate inequality and advance economic, social and environmental development in a balanced manner.

Second, the global partnership for development should be strengthened. Development cooperation is not a zero-sum game and the international community should uphold the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities", seek common development and win-win cooperation, and build sincere and pragmatic partnerships. The developed countries should effectively honor their assistance obligations to provide ODA in time and in full, and transfer to the developing countries environment friendly technologies to help them enhance capacity for sustainable development. Countries should work together to create open, transparent and non-discriminatory international trade and financial systems so as to provide an enabling external environment for the developing countries to get integrated into the global value chain and grow their economy.

Third, technological innovation should be used as a means to promote sustainable development. Science and technology represent the "magic key" to ease the pressure of population growth, address the problem of energy insufficiency and break the bottle-neck in the process of realizing sustainable development. Countries should really increase input in science and technology, reinforce infrastructure building in that area, and speed up the application of technological innovation to raise productivity to make innovation a genuine driving force for development. The international community should pay attention to the practical difficulties facing the developing countries, increase assistance in this respect and effectively help them improve capacity in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

Fourthly, the concept of sustainable development should be further disseminated and implemented. We should raise public awareness on sustainable development, encourage public participation, champion the idea of moderate and rational consumption and the mode of production that is resource conserving, renewable and recycling oriented. Governments should use sustainability as a criterion in policy making and create a sound regulatory and market environment to facilitate development. Greater publicity should be given to ecological conservation and environment protection. And NGOs, civil society and local communities should be encouraged to get involved in such endeavors.

Mr. President,

Realizing sustained development is the goal of China's development efforts. China has realized 7 MDGs, including that of poverty reduction and has applied the strategy for sustainable development in all areas of economic and social development. Faced with a weak global economic recovery and the pressure of a slow-down of its domestic economy, the Chinese government nevertheless insists on guaranteeing the basic standards of people's livelihood and promoting social development. It has worked hard to adjust our economic structure, improve the quality of economic growth, and create a model of economic growth that is environment friendly and resource saving. China will continue to improve people's livelihood, enhance ecological preservation and strive for the sustainable development that ensures the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

China actively participates in and energetically pushes for international cooperation for development. China has fulfilled in earnest its development responsibilities that correspond to its national conditions and level of development. We are also actively engaged in South-South cooperation to help other developing countries to the best of our abilities. Meanwhile, we have continuously deepened cooperation with other countries in the fields of environment protection, climate change, and energy resources, with a view to advancing sustainable development throughout the world.

Mr. President,

Sustainable development is the only way to go in order to realize balanced, coordinated and sustained development. In this global village of ours, no country can afford to mind its own business only. On the path towards the future we want, not single country and not a single person must be left behind. China is ready to work with others to speed up the realization of the MDGs, continue to promote global sustainable development and fully support ECOSOC and HLPF to effectively integrate resources and play their respective roles, so as to give new impetus to the global cause of sustainable development.

Thank you for your attention.

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