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Statement by Ambassador ZHANG Yesui at the UN General Assembly Informal Meeting on Climate Change

2009-11-19 19:00

New York, 19 November 2009

Mr. President,

The Chinese Delegation supports the statement made by Sudan on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

Mr. President,

During the UN Summit on Climate Change held on 22 September, Chinese President Hu Jintao comprehensively expounded China's principled positions on climate change, and announced four major measures the Chinese government will take to address the issue. China will as always take an active part in international negotiations on climate change, and make its share of contributions to tackling climate change.

The upcoming Copenhagen Conference will be an important meeting on climate change, for which the international community is full of expectations. The Chinese government also hopes to see positive results from the Conference.

It is our view that the Copenhagen Conference must stick to the set framework and principles.The UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol should serve as the main channel for the international community to address climate change, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities is the universally recognized basic norm for tackling the issue, and the Bali Roadmap clearly identifies the requirements and direction of international cooperation on climate change. These hard won framework and principles are the outcome of the concerted efforts of all parties. They lay important groundwork for the success of the Copenhagen Conference, and should therefore be adhered to in good faith.

The Copenhagen Conference must lock on the consensus and progress. During the previous negotiations, thanks to the arduous efforts of all parties, a great deal of important consensus has been reached, including that

  • developed countries should continue to shoulder the duty of adopting mid-term, quantified goals for large-scale emission cut;
  • developing countries should, according to their specific national conditions and with the support of the developed countries in capital and technological transfer, try their best to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and strive to adapt to climate change;
  • an effective funding mechanism should be established to facilitate the financial support of developed countries to developing countries;
  • an effective mechanism should be installed to promote transfer of environment-and-climate-friendly technologies to developing countries and enhance their capacity for addressing climate change.

The international community should lock on the consensus and progress and work to reach further consensus.

Mr. President,

The Copenhagen Conference is less than 20 days away. The clock is ticking. Let us strengthen our confidence and cooperation and do our utmost to make the Conference a success.

Thank you, Mr. President.


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