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Statement by Mr. Xie Bohua, Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of China on the Right to National Self-determination (Item 118 )at the Third Committee of the 56th Session of the General Assembly

2001-10-31 00:00
Mr. Chairman:

Bringing an early end to the protracted bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict, restoring all legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to national self-determination and achieving a just and equitable settlement of the question of Palestine are the keys to a durable peace in the Middle East. An early settlement of the Middle East question is not only in the interest of the full enjoyment of all human rights by the people of the region, regional stability and development, but also benefits world peace, security and development. We are worried by the continued armed invasion of Palestinian-controlled areas by Israeli troops and the tense situation thus created. We call on Israel once again to immediately cease its military operations and withdraw its forces completely from the Palestinian-controlled areas so as to prevent any further worsening of the situation.

Mr. Chairman:

The right to national self-determination is an important part of human rights and represents a sacred right of all peoples, especially the oppressed nations, to fight against imperialism and colonial rule and for independence and national liberation. According to relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, the right to self-determination applies to peoples under foreign domination and occupation. It should not become a pretext to support acts of violating and undermining territorial integrity and sovereignty. In recent years, some quarters have blatantly advocated the splitting of sovereign countries in the name of the right to national self-determination. Their activities of undermining state integrity and national unity should be condemned and resolutely opposed by the whole world.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
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