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Spokesperson of the Permanent Mission of China to the UN Resolutely Opposes Groundless Accusation by Human Rights Watch on China's Human Right Situation

2020-01-14 11:16

On 14 January, Human Rights Watch (HRW)released its 2020 annual report on global human rights situation at a press conference in New York. The report, politicizing the human rights issue, disregarding the truth and facts and using huge amount of unverified and fake information, makes groundless accusation on human rights situation of various countries, including China. The report is full of prejudice and double standards. China totally opposes and rejects it.

The Chinese government puts people first and commits to promoting and protecting human rights in the course of development. China has found a path of human rights development suited to its national conditions and made significant progress. We have provided enough food and clothing to nearly 1.4 billion people and lifted 850 million people out of poverty. We have established the world's largest systems of education, social security, health care, and democracy at the primary level. On our land of 9.6 million square kilometers, there is no war, no displacement, no terror, and nearly 1.4 billion Chinese are living in peace, freedom and happiness. This is the biggest progress in human rights, the best practice of human rights, and great contributions to the world's human rights cause. During China's participation in the third round of country review in November 2018, more than 120 countries gave high praise and full recognition in their statements to China's achievement in promoting and protecting human rights. This fully shows that China has made real progress in human rights and made the right choice in committing to a path and direction on human rights development in light of its national conditions. HRW is nothing but an instrument of some countries to interfere in others' internal affairs and politicize the issue of human rights. Its biased and lies-ridden report can by no means stand the test of truth and facts. China will continue to follow a path that is right for its national conditions.

Concerning the rejection of entry for HRW executive director, China deals with entry affairs in accordance with law. It is within China's sovereignty to allow entry or not. Ample facts and evidence show that NGOs like HRW support through various means anti-China forces that create troubles in Hong Kong. They are engaged in abetting crimes of extreme violence and instigating separatist activities for "Hong Kong independence", and bear great responsibility for the current chaos in Hong Kong. These organizations deserve to be sanctioned and must pay the price.

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