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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Briefing on the Central African Republic

2021-06-23 05:17

Mr. President,

I wish to welcome President Lourenço and the representatives of the Central African Republic (CAR), the Republic of the Congo and Chad to the meeting today. I think SRSG Ndiaye, AU Commissioner Bankole Adeoye for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, and EEAS African Managing Director Laranjinha for the briefings.

Since the end of last year, CAR government and people have overcome difficulties, completed electoral processes and formed new state institutions. The CAR government has resumed exercise of state authority of increasing areas. These developments warrant full recognition. Realizing CAR’s lasting peace and development is the aspiration of the CAR people and the common expectation of the regional states and international community. China commends the CAR government for its active political consultation, looks forward to the success of the Republican Dialogue, and encourages parties to continue to implement the peace agreement and resolve differences through dialogue. The international community should, on the premise of respecting the ownership of the CAR government, provide tailored, constructive assistance.

Regional organizations, such as ICGLR, ECCAS and AU, have paid close attention to the issue of CAR, and actively advanced the political process. President Lourenço and President Sassou have convened multiple regional meetings, created a working group on this matter and vigorously conducted mediation and good offices. The presence of President Lourenço in New York today for the meeting has once again demonstrated the strong determination of regional states to push for settlement to this issue. China supports African solutions to African problems, and supports sub-regional organizations’ efforts in view of CAR’s realities and actual needs to push for political settlement to the CAR issue, and to realize CAR’s peace and stability and regional prosperity and development.

China will continue to support the work of SRSG and MINUSCA. China maintains that the status of forces agreement must be upheld to improve peacekeepers’ safety. China supports MINUSCA and the CAR government in strengthening communication and coordination to increase mutual trust and understanding and jointly maintain CAR’s peace and stability. MINUSCA should, in view of CAR’s development, rationalize its resources and forces. Eventually CAR should rely on itself to realize lasting peace and stability. China hopes that relevant parties can properly address border conflicts. The international community should support the CAR government in strengthening its security forces development and management and help it upgrade its own capability to maintain stability. The CAR government has made a lot of efforts to meet the benchmark for the lifting of arms embargo and has made headway. The Security Council should heed the calls of the CAR government and regional states and lift the arms embargo against CAR as soon as possible.

CAR peace and development requires international help and support. CAR is confronted with arduous task of maintaining stability, fighting the pandemic and ensuring people's livelihood. The CAR government is in financial difficulty. 2.8 million people need humanitarian assistance. Countries. major powers in particular, should utilize their advantages, step up assistance and cooperation, help CAR translate energy resources potential into development advantages, and help it eradicate poverty, improve people's life and eliminate root causes of conflicts. Parties should fully respect CAR’s sovereignty, heed its input, strengthen communication and coordination, so as to form a virtuous dynamics to work more concretely for the CAR people's well-being.

Along with the international community, China stands ready to continue our contribution towards CAR’s peace and development.

I thank you.

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